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Franklinton Preparatory Academy

IRN # 013892

Main Office # 614.636.3721

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Principal: Marty Griffith

Counselor: Wendy Lydy

At a glance

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Who We Are

Franklinton Preparatory Academy is a grade 9 through 12 public tuition-free charter high school serving students from Franklinton, the Hilltop, and the West Side. It is located at 40 Chicago Ave., just a mile west of the Broad Street and High Street, the center of Columbus, Ohio. It is advantageously situated close to major museums, learning centers, universities and major corporate centers in Central Ohio.

As the first high school to open its doors in Franklinton in over 30 years, we have a special commitment to our community and our students. For too long, students in Franklinton and the Hilltop were overlooked and underserved, and were bussed from their neighborhoods to high schools 5 to 10 miles from home. When FPA opened in September 2013 we did so with the support and collaboration of our neighborhood stakeholders. It is obvious to us that our commitment to Franklinton is reflected back to us by the commitment our students make to Franklinton Preparatory Academy. Our overarching goal is for our students to claim FPA as their home, their oasis and their launching pad for successful living after graduation. It is a pleasure to work with these amazing young people who call Franklinton and the Hilltop home.

2013- 2014 was FPA’s inaugural year with 90 students, and included occupancy of FPA’s new home with $2 million dollar renovation transforming the second and third floor of the Chicago Avenue Elementary School into our light filled, spacious FPA High School. Now in our fifth year of operation student enrollment has increased to an average of 170. In 2016, our first graduating class had 20 graduates and in 2017 that number grew to 48. FPA is pleased to be part of the restoration of Chicago Ave. with the school in its rightful place as a community touchstone, and an important resource to the current revitalization of the entire Franklinton community.


Our Vision

Preparation for Life

This is a tall order and on that is extremely important to us. It is essential that our students mature into capable adults who can make good decisions for themselves, and who will be able to support themselves and their families with meaningful living- wage employment.


Our Mission

To laser-focus our efforts so that all Franklinton Preparatory Academy’s students will graduate from high school prepared to be successful in a career, to be successful at a two or four year college or a trade school in preparation for a career, or be successful in the military as a training program or as a career.

As we designed our school, substantial research confirmed that students similar to Franklinton students will thrive into their futures if they have strong relationships with friends, with teachers and school personnel, with mentors and academic advisors, and with those from the community who will be working with FPA students. Positive relationships are the glue that keeps students in school, showing up every day to focus on their learning, and earning their high school diploma, an important step toward being successful in a career.

FPA students meet all of Ohio’s graduation requirements, including required participation in all state wide testing. Students are required to meet Ohio’s Compulsory attendance expectations by attending classes and participating in available learning programs. Standards approved by the Ohio Board of Education direct student learning, in addition to standards identified by a variety of job getting and job keeping national and state organizations. Our operating policies, procedures and practices reflect Ohio requirements and educational best practices.


Pathways to Achievement

Mastery Learning

FPA is committed to assuring that every student will graduate from high school and will be able to demonstrate the skills and abilities needed to obtain and keep employment now and into their future. This means that students must demonstrate mastery of important content, whether this takes a long time or a short time, before they move on to other work. We are focused on learning, not on sorting students.

Students work toward well defined learning objectives. Teachers provide paced group instruction, one-to-one tutoring, or self-paced learning with programmed materials. Specific and frequent feedback to students is essential. Students participate in direct instruction, cooperation with classmates, or are engaged in independent learning. Students show evidence of their learning against expected learning objectives.

Blended Learning

Blended learning combines the best practices from online schools with face to face interactions between teachers and other students. FPA uses GradPoint to provide Common Core and Ohio Standards based content from 6th grade level through Advanced Placement courses. Students can begin where they need to and then move at a pace that suites their individual learning style. Students working on similar content can group together to explore recommended projects included in the program. Teachers monitor progress, completed learning, and can assign specific units to enhance skill development. Benchmark and summative assessments are included within each course.

Hybrid Learning

Our Hybrid Learning program offers significant support for students who are not able to be in the school building all day every day. Students who are working full time, pregnant, have a child, or who can’t commit to a fully scheduled school day are able to work towards graduating from high school with a combination of online classes, scheduled tutoring support, and collaborative seminars with other hybrid students. This unique program allows FPA to give genuine support to students who otherwise would not consider high school graduation an option.


Art, Music, Movement, Theatre

FPA schedules a block of time specifically reserved for students to experience creative arts experiences. These include a variety of areas of art, music, theatre and movement. Classes are facilitated by community experts in each area. Topics and teachers change each semester to provide students with an opportunity to engage in an arts survey experience. Instructional Goals are identi ed from current ODE standards in each of the arts areas. Offerings have included such things as: choir, dance, intramural sports, art, tness, steel drum band, song writing, martial arts, computer graphics and design, weight training, robotics, yoga, culinary arts, and runners club. These activities focus on developing the creative capabilities of FPA students and complete what it means to be a well educated person.


Student Life

Franklinton Preparatory Students enjoy a wide variety of extracurricular, social and community activities. Many students participate in Youth in Government, Lead the Way Camp, Robotics and Chess Club.

Students learn new skills and help make their community a brighter place by working in the local community garden as an elective class and during the summer, or by helping keep the neighborhood clean through participation in Litter League. FPA also has a strong relationship with Franklinton Rising, which aims to teach young people important trade skills and provide mentoring and pay while renovating homes in the community.

FPA also facilities a number of events such as a Community Health Event, where local community organizations attend to share information about the services they provide, access to vision and hearing screenings through the Nationwide Children’s Hospital mobile unit, and a FAFSA family night to help families prepare for college applications.

Students can also play mens and women basketball, attend Homecoming and Prom or a variety of other fun events such as Games Night at Bottoms Up Coffee House, concerts performed by the Steel Band and more.