School Closing Notifications


Because many of FPA students walk to school or walk to bus stops and then wait for COTA busses, we tend to close SCHOOL when there are 3 or more inches of snow and/or the windchill factor is at least 10 degrees below zero.  FPA does not have its own school busses so we do not do “last starts.”  Once a decision is made to close school, we take the following steps to inform our SCHOOL families of this decision:  
1.  FPA is included in the list of SCHOOL CLOSINGS on
2.  FPA is included on 10TV’s and WTTE’s television scroll of SCHOOL CLOSINGS
3.  We are listed separately on the list of SCHOOL CLOSINGS 
4.  We do a “One-Call” to all families
5.  We post on FPA’s Facebook account and on our website.