4 Pathways Initiative

Beginning in 9th grade, FPA students work with advisors, teachers, parents mentors and family members to think, plan and train for life after high school. FPA graduates will be empowered to pursue success in one of the 4 Pathways: College, trade schools, living wage-paying careers or the military, earning money for college and acquiring self-discipline for a lifetime.

Blended Learning

Blended Learning combines the best of traditional schools with the speed, flexibility and individuality available in online schools. In FPA’s supportive, challenging and compassionate school culture, excellent teachers utilizing traditional and digital curriculum resources will design lessons specifically tailored to individual student needs and abilities. Blended Learning is the future of education and Franklinton Preparatory Academy will be a model for its effective use and impact.

Accelerate it!

Accelerate It! makes the most of FPA’s Blended Learning instructional design by allowing teachers to create lesson plans designed to meet the needs of individual students. From remediation to Advanced Placement courses, Accelerate It! enables our students to acquire and demonstrate knowledge faster and more fluently.

Internships, Residencies and “The Road to Readiness”

At FPA, we prepare our students for life after graduation from high school. Students in 11th grade will be trained and prepared to take part in personally relevant workplace INTERNSHIPS during the school day. In 12th grade, students engage in one or two long-term workplace RESIDENCIES in areas of high-interest to each student. For FPA students on the career pathway, we expect residency placement to transition into full-time, living wage paying employment after graduation.