“Dear FPA, I’m writing this to tell you guys that I’m happy with what you guys did to help me graduate. Ms. Shaffner is one of my favorite teachers, and so is Mr. Leka, because they are really good teachers who made a big impact on my life. I’m going to commit to Full Sail University and I will be studying for a bachelor’s degree in music production. I would love to come back and help the school and students with inspiration and career choices. I want to change the world one day and helping my former school can help me achieve my goal.
Sincerely, Ti’ziea Lee”


Smart: We know the ‘one-size fits all’ school model is broken. We want options that are designed to fit our goals and our future.

Brave: We’re problem-solvers and solution seekers. We’re ready to be part of a new kind of school that values effort, compassion, achievement and individuality.

Independent: We are ready to be the leaders of our own lives, setting our own goals, learning at our own pace and planning our own future.

Motivated: We are motivated to succeed in life on our own terms.

If this sounds like you, consider enrolling at Franklinton Preparatory Academy.


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