FPA Stories

“Jamie cannot stop talking about how much he loves being in the band. As a child on the spectrum, he was regularly and purposely excluded from band and other extra curricular activities when he attended Grandview Heights. It makes me so happy that he is included. FPA is a school that gives all kids a chance and sees their potential, not their zip code, socioeconomic status, or in our case disability.”

“My son was so behind the second half of the junior year that I was worried that he wouldn’t graduate. The great program and caring teachers and administrators has helped him so much that he is graduating this year with a GPA that puts him in demand for scholarships!! Thanks so much FPA!”

Below are selected stories from students at Franklinton Preparatory Academy on why they chose the West Side’s Premier Charter High School:


“I’m now entering 10th grade at Franklinton Preparatory Academy and it’s a great place to go to school. The teachers are hands on and kept me on track. Last year, I had the opportunity to participate in a program called Youth in Government, where I wrote a bill and presented it at the Ohio State House. We also did a project based learning experience where I helped make a coloring book for a local elementary school. It was about the history of Franklinton and I was able to go to the school and present the book to students there. I’m looking forward to my upcoming years at FPA; I wouldn’t want to spend them anywhere else!” – Brianna Trammel, 10th Grader




“This year I will be an 11th grader at FPA. I don’t have a favorite class because they are all cool. I also don’t have a favorite teacher because they really get me. They push me to do my best and get my work done to the best of my abilities. I am also on FPA’s basketball team. Basketball allows me to be a beast. It is really fun and helps me get to know my teammates and classmates better. This next year I am looking forward to more basketball, participating in youth in government, and taking part in all the fun FPA offers.” – Christian White, 11th Grade





“My favorite thing about FPA is the people here. The teachers, the people I hang out with, the principal; they encourage me to do my work, keep me happy, and help me with my grades. My favorite teacher is Mr. Hunt because he makes me laugh, is really engaging, and the work he assigns pushes me to try my best but is still interesting. Environmental Science was my favorite class last year because the topics were interesting, I learned a lot of new things, and I even learned a lot of stuff about myself. I really do recommend FPA to people looking for a high school. It’s a friendly environment and a better way to experience learning.” – Dre Merriman, 12th Grader


“This school is just simply amazing I couldn’t ask for a better school to go to the teachers are great the students are great and they really do care about your eduction here I love this school and I’m never leaving!!!” ~ Kayla Leigh Trammell

“I truly love this school. I have learned alot and made a ton of new friends in these two years that I’ve been here. I love the teachers they are always there for me whenever I need them and they help me get my grades up and better than they have ever been. I truly love this school.” ~ Jessica Lane

“FPA is a school like no other. All staff members really care about their students. They are always willing to help out anyone they can. If it’s academically or personal they are there for you.”  ~ Tonya Ann McCracken

“This school is just amazing and the people there are just so nice” ~ RJ Keefer


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